50 Tips To Increase eCommerce Sales Conversion

Here are the first of 50 tips to help increase your ecommerce conversion rate. If you apply these tips, your conversion rate WILL increase. Everyone of the conversion tips have been applied and proven successful in my online stores.

Tip Number 1: Include Company Established Date in Header
I was talking with a fellow ecommerce merchant while he lamented his conversion rate. The conversation turned into a brainstorming session. I knew he was a very early adopter of an ecommerce sales channel and opened a Yahoo Store shortly after Al Gore invented the Internet. Remarkably, he never used his years of doing business online as a marketing tool. He was missing out on a chance to increase buyer confidence (and in turn, his conversion rate) by not having this bit of information prominently listed on his store.
This brings me to Tip Number One….If your store has been around a long time – make note of it! Add a tagline in your header that says something like “Established in 2003” or “Since 1998.” Brick and mortar stores have been using their date established in collateral information for years – and the reason being - it builds confidence. Sure, being in business for 5 years means very little in brick and mortar year but its light years in of ecommerce.

Tip Number 2: Reduce Shipping Charges
Shipping charges are a top contributor to cart abandonment. Offer free shipping when you can. If you can't offer free shipping, consider flat rate shipping. If your just starting out as an ecommerce merchant and don't have discounted rates from UPS or FedEx, join an association the offers members shipping discounts. They are out there and some offer 25% off ground published rates.

Tip Number 3: Add and/or Improve Images for your Top 20 Products
Take your top 20 best selling products and focus some attention to their product images. Add additional images from different angles or put them in context with props. Don't settle for manufacturer provided images.

Tip Number 4: Write a Buyers Guide
Write a buyer guide for your top line of products. Answer all the questions a customer may have pertaining to the line. Compare and contrast the difference between the products.

Tip Number 5: Add an Assurance Center to your Checkout Pages
Add an assurance center to the checkout pages that will help minimize customers fears, uncertainties and doubts (FUDs)about your products, store and service. Good ideas for this would be highlighting your store's SSL cert, return policy, fast shipping, etc.

Tip Number 6: Add a Security Seal to your Header
Move your Security seal to your header to give it top billing. Don't have it below the fold.

Tip Number 7: Add a Toll Free Number to your Header
Make sure you have a toll free number in plain sight in your header. Don't skimp and use a 866 or 877 number. Get a 1-800 prefix.

Tip Number 8: Add a Twitter and FaceBook Icon to you Header
Buyers confidence will increase if you can show off your social media fans.

Tip Number 9: Add Product Video to your Product Page
Adding videos is super easy and can add another dimension to your product pages. Even if it is just a widget spinning 360 degrees. Host them on YouTube and enjoy the extra traffic you'll receive.

Tip Number 10: Accept Paypal Payments
Offer as many payment methods as possible without cluttering your checkout pages. Paypal and Google Checkout are the first to consider after your Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover merchant account. Customers won't have to go searching for a credit card to buy for your site. This help keep things on the down-low if the customer to shopping at work (instead of working).

Tip Number 11: Present Shipping Charges Prior to Checkout Process
Make it easy for your customers to see the shipping charges for the order. Don't bury this feature and DON'T make shipping only visible during the checkout process.

Tip Number 12: Change your Add to Cart Button
This will take some testing but do it. Change the button shape, size and color. Non-traditional shaped, slightly larger green buttons have worked well with my stores.

Tip Number 13: ABC - Always Be Closing (on the sale)
Review you store's checkout page(s) and remove any potential customer leaks. This includes ads, banners, external links, navigation or anything feature that may take the customers attention away from completing the shopping cart process. Simply your store checkout pages to act like a funnel 100% directed toward closing sales. Only include information on these pages that reduces FUDS and urges the customer towards the desired goal.