Cookie Stuffing - The Reason Why You Should Not Have an Affiliate Program.

Cookie Stuffing - The Reason Why You Should Not Have an Affiliate Program.

Merchants need to aware of a tactic used by sneaky affiliates to rob store of marketing money.

What is Cookie Stuffing?

What is really being described is the practice of automatically simulating a physical click of an affiliate link. Generally, it is used to described a simulated click that is happening on a web site versus a simulated click happening through adware. Although occasionally people will use the term in conjunction with adware.

RSS Feed Software For Your Online Store or Blog

Check out this software for creating and editing RSS feeds:

RSS feeds are an easy way to bring in fresh contect to your site. FeedBurner is a powerful tool and can be used for SEO.

Customer Expectations Equal Merchant Frustrations

Customer expectations need to properly grounded. If a customer has false expectations and they are not adjusted or met, you’ll have an angry customer even though it completely unwarranted . Shipping is clearly the first area where customer expectations need to be grounded in reality.

V5 Is Rolling Out On New Volusion Stores

Volusion 5 (V5) is released and is being used for all new stores. Volusion is working on fine tuning the upgrade process for existing customers. Merchants that are running version 5 have reported that the new version is everything they’d hope for. V5 is feature packed and this release solidifies Volusion’s dominance in the hosted shopping cart solution market. Since Volusion is the measuring stick used to evaluate other host cart solutions, it will be interesting to see how their competitors responds to V5.

Google Checkout or PayPal?

Google Checkout is Google’s online payment service that enhances the shopping experience by providing a secure online payment channel to buyers.

Accepting Paypal Payments

About PayPal

PayPal is an online payment portal that provides a secure environment for individuals and businesses to send and receive payments quickly, eliminating the conventional and time-consuming modes of payment by checks, money orders, etc.

About the company

Shared Server Killing Your Sales?

How many stores do you share a server with?

If you use a hosted shopping cart solution and don’t pay for a dedicated web server, then you’ll end up sharing space on a web server with other stores. This is fine and dandy as long as the server is balanced and there isn’t a resource hog sappy server resources away from your store. This happened to me years ago with a store I had on MonsterCommerce. My store ended up being moved 2-3 times and being issued a new IP w/ each shuffle. It was a pain in the neck to say the least.

As a online merchant, you should know how many stores are on your web server. Too many is a bad thing. How will you know if you’re sharing a server with either too many stores or resource hog? Things will get laggy and response time will plummet. This results in unhappy customers and a diminished sales conversion rates.

Volusion Version 5 Feature List

Volusion V5: Worth The Wait

All About Merchant Accounts

Merchant Account 411

For those new to ebusiness, here is an overview of all you need to know about merchant accounts. Merchant accounts offer a way to ease your tasks while dealing with all your financial transactions in the form of the Merchant Service Provider system. This payment system allows you to conduct all your credit card payments whether its goods or services. The Merchant Service Provider facilitates you in easy processing of credit cards.

Going ahead of the traditional credit card terminal, the merchant of today can opt to rent, buy, and lease or secure the terminal in exchange for some contractual obligations from a merchant processor, of course, the business owner must carefully review the terms and conditions before selecting a merchant processor and a credit card terminal

Review of osCommerce

I found this info on osCommerce and thought it may be helpful to the readers here. Enjoy!


Do you want to market your merchandise online as effectively and efficiently as possible and that too without wasting much time? Then, the right place for you to stop is osCommerce website.

OSCOMMERCE is one-stop software for you to advertise almost anything online, physical or digital products. This e-commerce website offers some of the best facilities for you to easily market your stuff and see immediate results. Apart from an easy set-up facility through a free Internet download for the newcomers, this software even allows you to customize your stuff as per the requirements of your clientele. Yes, you guessed it right, it’s an open source based e-commerce solution and GNU’s General Public License.