Link Building For Your Store Brain Dump

Link Building Brain Dump

Here's a list of link building ideas and rules of thumb for store. I'll update as I think of ideas. Got any of your own? Drop them in the comments below and I'll add them to the master list.

  • Some blog and forums that have NoFollow for links. Only Google uses the nofollow attribute. Post anyway. Let the other SEs index the links. Google is the largest but not the only show in town. Bring something to the table and add links in posts or sigs. Never spam.
  • Link Exchange are still worth doing. That said, only do with with site or store that are in your niche. Out of niche link trading is a waste of time.
  • Yahoo Answers is a good place to drop some links. Answer questions in your area of expertise and add a few links. Never spam and add to the conversation. Really shed light and don't abuse the site. It's no-follow though. For a do-follow answer site, try:
  • Run a contest on your store to build links. Offer a low cost item in exchange for quality links.
  • Directories are still worth doing but place at the bottom of your To-Do-List. DMOZ, Yahoo, Joe ANT should be at the top of your list though.
  • Link bait. Blog about something wacky. Write a big list of something. Post interesting photos.
  • Never stop link building.
  • Add links at a natural pace.
  • Target the highest hanging fruit first. The low hanging stuff is easy but your time is best spent chasing the best quality links.
  • Join a social networking site that has member groups that discuss your niche. Join and add to the conversation. Ask for links from other members that may have sites or blogs.
  • Try to target links from .edu domains. Search for good links like this: keyword.
  • More on .edu links. Post an ad on craigslist offer to build free sites for student groups and associations. Build them a cool site and drop your link in the footer. This one takes time but can pay off big time.
  • I've found that using your personal rather than company email address works best when requesting links. I use my gmail account and try to make the request sound as friendly as possible and like a person-to-person request.