3DCart Moves to the Head of the Pack

I like to spread out my stores amongst multiple hosted cart solutions. This prevents me from keeping all my eggs in one basket should things head south with the solution (*cough like MonsterCommerce *cough). 3DCart has been one of my solutions since 2007. When I started, they were a young innovative company that was a little rough around the edges. For instance, the support department was small but still highly responsive. Slowly but surely 3DCart developed into a more and more sophisticated operation. With each passing tech support call, I found there were more and more tech support representatives answering the phones. And it wasn't long before 3DCart started to innovate new features in the e-commerce world. They no longer waited for another hosted cart solutions to think of the features for them they started developing their own cutting-edge features much to the delight of their client base. Today 3DCart has matured like a fine wine with a fully staffed support department, design department and sales department.

Over the years, I've seen many hosted cart solution sprout and grow. The early years are the roughest, but as they mature things smooth out and they reached their "sweet spot". During this time they have enough clients to afford adequate support and still small enough to innovate and offer new features regularly. Then the bloat sets in. The "sweet spot" phase lapses and their own growth hampers innovation. Support times growing increasingly longer and new features come about every blue moon. This is the phase I think Volusion currently finds itself in. The glory days are over for them (I base this on my own personal experience with Volusion over the years with multiple stores - If I read another "Open Letter to the Volusion CEO" post on their forum I'll gouge my eyes out with an ice pick). Needless to say I won't be opening any new stores with them in the future.

3DCart is now at the head of the pack. If I were to open additional stores tomorrow, they would be the cart of choice. I would note that it appears that BigCommerce is looming upon the horizon. Should they become PCI certified (if they aren't already) there will be a force to be reckoned with. *edit...they just became PCI Certified!!!

What separates 3DCart from the pack is FEATURES. Features that help with your conversion rates and increase sales. For instance, 3DCart has a script that will e-mail customers that have abandoned their carts. Within the e-mail, you can offer a coupon or offer support and close the sale. This feature alone has been a godsend for my company. It has allowed us to close on previously lost sales and uncover pressure points that otherwise would have gone unnoticed.

The other feature that I love is the review module. 3Dcart has another script that will e-mail your customers and solicit a review. I was amazed at how many customers have taken us up on this request. This has yielded excellent feedback on our products. packaging and support. Best of all are the pages and pages of free on-topic content that is updated regularly. These reviews pack meat on the bones of our product pages and the search engines eat it up.

It is now up to 3dCart to stay in this sweet spot for as long as possible. With the new release on the way, it looks like they well on their way of doing just that.